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The hotel is located practically in the centre of S'Illot, just next to the emblematic Archaeological Site of S'Illot, which dates back to the 5th century BC.

The remains that are found in S'Illot allow you to contemplate how life was four thousand years ago. At the same time, they also provide insight into the Romanisation of the Iberian Peninsula, a time that is far behind us.

At the end of the Sa Coma beach, you will find the Punta de n'Amer, declared an ANEI (National Area of Special Interest), where you can enjoy the nature in the area with leisurely walks or the possibility to rent a horseback ride at the Sa Coma Ranch, and visit the emblematic 17th Century Castle.

In addition, you can enjoy and go for a walk in the local markets of Sa Coma and Son Servera. Small markets that are typical in the area with a purely Mediterranean atmosphere.

Sun and sand

The Mariant hotel is located in the middle of two beaches in the area, the Sa Coma beach and the S’Illot beach (Cala Moreya). The Sa Coma beach is distinguished for being one of the largest beaches in the area, with fine white sand, unique in Mallorca.

Cala Moreia stands out for being a welcoming beach close to the small fishing harbour of S’Illot. Here you can surround yourself with the locals and enjoy a relaxed and calm environment.

A resort located in the centre of S'Illot

The Mariant Hotel is located in the touristic centre of S'Illot, shared by the villages of Sant Llorenç des Cardassar and Manacor. It is precisely the Cala Moreia beach that makes a border between both municipalities situated in the east of Mallorca. Within the archipelago, there are four other islands that surprise visitors: Menorca, Ibiza, Formentera and Cabrera.